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Simple Stretch Exercises To Get Rid Of Annoying Back Pain (10 Images)

Simple Stretch Exercises To Get Rid Of Annoying Back Pain (10 Images)

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Simple Stretch Exercises To Get Rid Of Annoying Back Pain (6 Images)

Whether you work at the office or from home or even if you are a student you will be very familiar with the occasional back pain that hits you. If you stay in the same position for a long amount of time, it is likely to ache when you move it later on  Similarly sleeping positions can also cause back pain as well as your working position as in how you use your laptop or your computer. Though there might be other more worrisome reasons for the back pain which involve damage to the bones or to the brain.

Here is a list of exercises that you can easily manage to do at home to get rid of the pain. The first one is the knees to chest. And it’s rather simple. All you have to do is to lay down straight and bring one of your knees and fold it in towards your chest. And repeat this process with your other knee. This exercise helps the backbone as well as gives your body some much-needed movement. It is pretty easy to do and helpful if you have been stuck sitting in one place for too long

The next exercise is again pretty simple, and you can totally do it at home and at any time of the day. It is something that won’t take more than 5 minutes. So here is how to do the Hamstring stretch. Lay down flat on the floor or a mat whatever you’re comfortable with and then take one of your legs and make sure that you lift it up at a 90-degree angle. Keep it there for a while and then bring it down and on to the other leg. Sure it will be painful for those who have never done any stretching before but hey no pain no gain

The next one is known as the Piriformis Stretch. The exercise is still pretty easy so don’t get intimidated by the name. For this, you will have to lay down flat again on the floor or a mat, your choice, and then bring your legs up in the way that you are sitting on a chair. You can also put a chair or something to support your legs in case you find it too difficult and then you can take one of your legs and bring it up to a leg over leg sitting position

This one is much much easier as compared to the one mentioned above and will certainly help to relax those muscles. The exercise is called the spinal stretch and targets the legs and the spinal cord of the body. All you have to do is to lay down flat and then bring one of your knee up and twist the lower part of your body which is basically just your legs to one side. And then stay for a few minutes and then change the side by twisting it to the other side. Straighten up and repeat the procedure for the other leg.

This one is so easy you can probably do it at your desk and some people probably do it everyday. This is known as the total back stretch. All you have to do is find something to hold on to which is firm and can support your body weight. It can also be your desk. And you have to tuck your belly in and bend down so much so that your eye is leveled with where you’re holding the desk and make sure to put pressure on your legs as much as you can. Stay in the position for as long as a few minutes. Break and do it again.

This other exercise is more like the pretense of when you’re getting up. The exercise is known as the hip flexor stretch. First you need to sit down on your knees and then put one of your foot in the front and keep one of your knees on the ground but take it a little back and with that you can keep your hands on the outstretched knee and put pressure via stretching on your back. If the explanation doesn’t make sense just follow the picture and you’ll be doing just fine if not amazing

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